Breaking News Evernote, which makes business and consumer productivity software for things like taking notes and doing research.|| Facebook is about to launch a redesign of its News Feed feature.||A PayPal alliance with Coinstar is being expanded to some parts of the U.S., allowing customers to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to PayPal accounts through Coinstar kiosks.||Microsoft has disclosed that it recently fell victim to the same type of cyberattack that targeted Apple and Facebook.|| Like us on facebook Click Here -  BD IT NEWS News HeadLine
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What to do if Windows 10 Control Panel disappears from the WinX power user menu

Publish Date : ৫/২২/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 967
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Prior to the Creators Update rollout last month, I did a refresh of my Windows installation to shake out a few nagging...... Read More...

How to remove ransomware like WannaCry: Use this battle plan to fight back

Publish Date : ৫/১৪/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 733
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Ransomware doesn’t sneak into your PC like ordinary malware. It bursts in, points a gun at your data, and screams for cash...... Read More...

How to make and send selfie stickers in Google Allo

Publish Date : ৫/১৪/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 649
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Allo hasn’t exactly been the runaway success that Google thought it would be, but that hasn’t stopped it from adding a steady...... Read More...

How to install Linux on a Chromebook

Publish Date : ৫/৭/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 776
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Chromebooks are capable web-focused PCs, and a great choice for anyone who needs a laptop for travel or working outside the......... Read More...

How to get a shared family calendar with a Microsoft Account

Publish Date : ৫/৪/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 656
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Microsoft recently unveiled a helpful new addition to its family features that are part of your Microsoft Account. Users who need........ Read More...

Set your power button to turn off all your PC's displays in the Creators Update

Publish Date : ৪/২৬/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 630
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Have you ever wanted the power button on your PC to do more than just turn off the PC? The Control Panel’s Power Options lets...... Read More...

How to watch Netflix offline on your PC

Publish Date : ৪/১৭/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 580
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Netflix is finally making it possible to watch shows offline on your Windows PC, but you won’t be using your browser to do..... Read More...

How to limit Xbox One screen time for your kids

Publish Date : ৪/১৭/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 609
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With the Xbox One Creators Update, parents no longer have to watch the clock to keep their kids from playing too many...... Read More...

Three privacy tools that block your Internet provider from tracking you

Publish Date : ৩/২৭/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 657
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It’s on. Recently, the United States Senate saw fit to allow Internet Service Providers to sell your web browsing history and other..... Read More...

5 ways to speed up Chrome: Tips for power users and newbies

Publish Date : ৩/২২/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 610
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Chrome is already the most popular and powerful browser for your PC, but you may be missing out on more ways to......... Read More...

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