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Breaking News Evernote, which makes business and consumer productivity software for things like taking notes and doing research.|| Facebook is about to launch a redesign of its News Feed feature.||A PayPal alliance with Coinstar is being expanded to some parts of the U.S., allowing customers to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to PayPal accounts through Coinstar kiosks.||Microsoft has disclosed that it recently fell victim to the same type of cyberattack that targeted Apple and Facebook.|| Like us on facebook Click Here -  BD IT NEWS News HeadLine
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Hackers use old Stuxnet-related bug to carry out attacks

Publish Date : ৪/২১/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 658
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Users that run unpatched software, beware. Hackers have been relying on an old software bug tied to the Stuxnet worm to carry...... Read More...

At $175, this ransomware service is a boon to cybercriminals

Publish Date : ৪/১৯/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 689
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Cybercriminals have another easy-to-use ransomware kit to add to their arsenals, thanks to a new variant called Karmen that........ Read More...

Researchers propose a way to use your heartbeat as a password

Publish Date : ১/২২/২০১৭ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 745
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Researchers at Binghamton State University in New York think your heart could be the key to your personal data. By measuring....... Read More...

5 things you need to know about password managers

Publish Date : ৬/১৮/২০১৬ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 968
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New data breaches are coming to light almost weekly and they reveal a simple but troubling fact: many people still choose........... Read More...

A recently patched Flash Player exploit is being used in widespread attacks

Publish Date : ৫/২৩/২০১৬ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 980
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It took hackers less than two weeks to integrate a recently patched Flash Player exploit into widely used Web-based attack......... Read More...

Malware peddlers offered Raspberry Pi money to infect your micro-PC

Publish Date : ১২/২৮/২০১৫ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1148
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The Raspberry Pi—the popular mini-PC that's about the size of credit card—is attracting attention from malware distributors. But not....... Read More...

Spam King pleads guilty to Facebook hack, email scheme

Publish Date : ৮/২৭/২০১৫ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1187
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A notorious spammer is facing up to three years in prison after pleading guilty to charges related to sending millions of unwanted........... Read More...

Hacker turns toy into tool that can open garage doors in seconds

Publish Date : ৬/৮/২০১৫ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1211
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Owners of fixed-code garage door openers might want to consider upgrading them because a researcher has developed a........ Read More...

Hackers reportedly sent threatening emails to Sony employees

Publish Date : ১২/৭/২০১৪ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1392
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The hack against Sony Pictures appeared to enter new territory on Friday when employees reportedly received messages threatening....... Read More...

Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 review: Solid, low-maintenance PC protection

Publish Date : ৮/২০/২০১৪ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1539
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Historically, Bitdefender has ranked as one of the best performing antivirus programs, and its Internet Security 2015 security........ Read More...

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