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Breaking News Evernote, which makes business and consumer productivity software for things like taking notes and doing research.|| Facebook is about to launch a redesign of its News Feed feature.||A PayPal alliance with Coinstar is being expanded to some parts of the U.S., allowing customers to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to PayPal accounts through Coinstar kiosks.||Microsoft has disclosed that it recently fell victim to the same type of cyberattack that targeted Apple and Facebook.|| Like us on facebook Click Here -  BD IT NEWS News HeadLine
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Five questions to answer before paying for a VPN

Publish Date : ৬/২৫/২০১৪ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1587
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If you work on a computer or mobile device away from home, you probably use Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels, cafés, restaurants............. Read More...

Old-school Wi-Fi is slowing down networks, Cisco says

Publish Date : ১/২৮/২০১৪ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1694
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The early Wi-Fi standards that opened the world’s eyes to wire-free networking are now holding back the newer...... Read More...

Meet WISP, the wireless future of Internet service

Publish Date : ১২/৫/২০১৩ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1812
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The Internet connection we all rely on is about to change, now that WISP is coming......... Read More...

Researchers boost wireless range in smartphones

Publish Date : ১১/১২/২০১৩ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1823
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Researchers have found a new way to tune the radio frequency in smartphones and other wireless devices....... Read More...

Ericsson thinks small for a big solution to workplace wireless

Publish Date : ৯/২৬/২০১৩ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1803
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Ericsson says it has a small solution to the big problem of weak mobile service in enterprises..... Read More...

Ossia shows wireless charger Cota using standard spectrum

Publish Date : ৯/১৬/২০১৩ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 2182
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A startup last week unveiled technology it claims can can simultaneously charge multiple different devices in a........ Read More...

Cisco patches serious vulnerabilities in Unified Communications Manager

Publish Date : ৮/২৬/২০১৩ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1941
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Cisco Systems has released new security patches for several versions of Unified Communications Manager (UCM) to........ Read More...

Twitter readies launch of music service

Publish Date : ৪/১৫/২০১৩ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1858
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Several signs are pointing to Twitter launching a new music app and speculation has the company unveiling it yesterday...... Read More...

Apple adds two-step authentication option for iCloud, Apple IDs

Publish Date : ৩/২৬/২০১৩ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 2033
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Apple on Thursday unveiled two-step authentication for Apple and iCloud IDs. As first reported by 9to5 Mac....... Read More...

Programmable networks will power 'Internet of Everything,' says Cisco

Publish Date : ৩/২২/২০১৩ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1974
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For the Internet of Things to become a reality, networks need to get a whole lot smarter and more flexible, according........ Read More...

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