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Training Program on Applied ASP.Net MVC (4th Batch)

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Course Duration: 24 Hours
Duration: 4 weeks 
Last date for sending CV: April 12, 2013
Classes to start on:  April 14, 2013
Class Schedule: Classes to be held two (2) days in a week; 3-Hours (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) on  Sunday , Wednesday
BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services), has taken a program for providing training on latest ASP.Net MVC framework. The program has been designed to prepare the readiness of participants to work with this new platform.
Here are the highlights of the program-
·         Basic concept familiarization of MVC concept
·         Latest innovations on ASP.Net MVC
·         Industry standards of development in ASP.Net MVC
·         Participants will be trained on real life issues and latest tools
·         Training will be provided by experienced trainers with long industry experience
·         During the training, trainees will be given a real-life project work
·         Performance and learning activities for each of the trainees will be assessed throughout the program and  certificates will be provided at the end of the program

Course Outline
Session 1
1.       Introduction to MVC Concepts
2.       Preparing the environment
3.       ASP.Net MVC overview
4.       MVC Project structure
5.       First Demo
Session 2
1.       Understanding Controllers
2.       Working with MVC conventions
3.       Action Results
4.       Custom Action Results for RSS
5.       Writing testable codes in controller
Session 3
1.       Understanding Views
2.       Using Razor Syntax
3.       Partial Views
4.       Using T9 templates for generating views based on entities
5.       Using Helpers
6.       Using Custom helpers
Session 4
1.       Difference between ASP .NET MVC & ASP .NET web forms routing
2.       Understanding Actions over Events
3.       Implementing different routes using ASP .NET MVC URL routing
4.       Implementing forms authentication  using ASP .NET Membership Provider
5.       Implementing roles
6.       Adding role based authorization to the Actions
Session 5
1.       Using EF Code First for Models
2.       Basic CRUD Functionalities
3.       Searching, Sorting, Filtering
4.       Managing Child Entities
5.       Understanding Repository Pattern
6.       Validation data through model validation attributes
Session 6
1.       Using TDD
2.       Wring testable codes
3.       Using Mocks
Session 7
1.       Using jQuery
2.       Implementing Ajax
3.       Sending  JSON to and from an Action
4.       Writing Custom JsonResult Actions Class
5.       Using CDN
Session 8
1.       Understanding Dependency Injection
2.       Understanding ASP .NET MVC 3 Service Location

Expected Benefit from the Program
·         Participants will be trained on real life issues, latest technology tools to get the best out of ASP.Net MVC
·         For professionals who want to develop their career in this new era, it’s a good opportunity.
·         During the session groups will be created so that participants can improve their team spirit.
How to Apply for the Training?
The pre-requisite for the trainees are:
Preferably CS graduate
Must possess basic programming knowledge with ASP.Net
Must have Basic concepts of OOP
Must be eager to learn new technologies
If you are interested to take part at the OOP training program, please apply online from In order to make the training effective, written test for each applicant will be held before finalizing the list of trainees.

Written test syllabus : Basic Programming, Basic Database design, Basic OOP, ASP.Net, C#.
Fees for the Training Program:
Tk. 6,000 per participant
For more information, please see BASIS web site, or communicate with BASIS Secretariat.
Resource Person:
Muhammad Asif Atick