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Training Program on Practical OOP with Java (4th Batch)

Publish Date : ১১/১৫/২০১২ Editor : BDITNEWS Total Reader : 1914

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Class Schedule:
Sunday - 9 am to 5 pm; Tuesday- 9 am to 11:30 am; Thursday- 5:30 pm to 9 pm  
Duration: 2 Months
Class Starts on: November 20, 2012
Last date for registration: November 15, 2012

Course Outline:
A Java Premier
v  What is Java? - A programming language & a platform
v  Why Java? - Benefits to the industry, businesses and individuals and software developers.
v  Installing JDK, JRE
v  The "Hello World!" application "by hand"
v  The "Hello World!" application using Eclipse or NetBeans
v  Application Programming Interface (API)
Object Oriented Programming Concepts
v  What is OOP?
v  Why OOP?
v  Data abstraction
v  Encapsulation
v  Messaging
v  Polymorphism
v  Inheritance
v  Association
OOP in Java
v  Classes and Objects
v  Variables and Operators
v  Expressions, Statements and Blocks
v  Control Flow
v  Interfaces
v  Packages
v  Coding standards
More Java
v  Numbers and Strings
v  Arrays and Collections
v  Exceptions
v  I/O
v  Concurrency
v  The Environment
v  Deployment - Jar, Applet, JNLP
Desktop applications with GUI
v  Introduction to AWT/Swing/JFC
v  Java Event Model
v  Developing an application - ImageViewer
v  Cut, Copy & Paste
v  Start of the project - Developing a POS application for a retail shop (desktop version)
More about desktop applications with GUI
v  Using Swing Components
v  A quick web browser
v  System Tray and Notification
v  Introduction to…
Ø  Concurrency in Swing applications
Ø  Layout
Ø  Printing
Ø  Event Listeners
Advanced Java
v  Collections
v  JavaBeans (setter, getter, BeanInfo)
v  Networking (“Hello Socket!” application)
v  Class loading
Database using JDBC                                              
v  Relational database concepts
v  Accessing data using JDBC (MySQL)
Ø  Prepared Statements
Ø  Transactions
Ø  Stored Procedures
Concepts of web programming with Java EE
v  About web programming
v  About HTML, JavaScript, Web Server
v  Java EE servers and containers
v  Tomcat and Glassfish
v  Your "Hello Web!" application
v  End of the project - Developing an online shop for a retailer (web version)

Fees for the Training Program:
 Tk. 9,000 per participant

Resource Person:
Tanvir Ahmed (Managing Director, MF Asia Ltd)



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