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Training Overview
Joomla! is a tool for rapid application development. Even software companies have started to develop highly functional websites in Joomla! rather than developing a custom website. It is a very powerful CMS and is very versatile for any kind of web application. Website development is very fast if done with Joomla!.
Training Objectives
 Joomla! is an open source web CMS which means that developers can extend its features, customize Joomla modules, plugins, components and also develop their own modules. By learning Joomla CMS, one can imagine developing any types of online web applications like organizational and corporate websites, educational websites, personal websites, online reservation systems, inventory management system, event management systems, ecommerce applications, news portals, community portals, product catalogs, business directories, etc.
Joomla! Customization Training is a highly practical and hands-on 16 hours course.
Participation Fee: 3000BDT
Workshop Date:16th, 17th  November, 2012 (9am-5pm)

Introducing the Joomla! Content Management System
·         Open Source Content Management
·         Joomla! Architecture
Installing Joomla!
·         Installation Files
·         Technical Requirements
·         Installing Joomla!
o   Creating a local development site
o   Installing on a web hosting service
o   Running the Joomla! Installer
o   Sample data
Site Configuration
·         Global Configuration Manager
·         Working with the Site Tab
·         Using the System Tab
·         Managing Server Tab Options
Managing Content
·         Understanding the Joomla! Content Hierarchy
·         Creating Content Hierarchies
·         Working with Articles
·         Managing Existing Articles
Working with Editors and Media
·         Using WYSIWYG Editors
·         Overview of the Media Manager
·         Working With Media Files
Working with the Menu System
·         Introducing the Menu Manager
·         Creating and Managing Menus
·         Introducing the Menu Item Manager
·         Creating and Managing Menu Items
·         Controlling Access to Menus and Menu Items
Managing the Front Page of Your Site
·         Controlling Front Page Layout
·         Publishing Articles on the Front Page
·         Publishing Component Output on the Front Page
·         Publishing Modules on the Front Page
Working with the User Manager
·         Introducing the User Manager
·         Understanding the Joomla! User Hierarchy
·         Adding Users to the System
·         Managing Users
·         Creating User Registration
·         Controlling Access to Content and Functionalities
Working with the Language Manager
·         The Function of the Language Manager
·         Installing New Language Packs
·         Modifying a Language Pack
·         Specifying the Language Used
Using the Banner Manager
·         Understanding Banner Manager
·         Managing Clients
·         Managing Categories
·         Managing Banners
·         Using the Banners Module
Working with the Contact Manager
·         Introducing the Contact Manager
·         Setting Contact Parameters
·         Managing Contacts and Categories
·         Creating Contact Forms
Using the News Feeds Component
·         Introducing the News Feeds Manager
·         Understanding News Feed Parameters
·         Managing Feeds and Categories
Using the Polls Component
·         Introducing the Poll Manager
·         Creating and Managing Polls
·         Displaying Polls
Using the Web Links Component
·         Introducing the Web Link Manager
·         Setting Web Links Parameters
·         Managing Links and Categories
Working with the Site Modules
·         Archived Content module
·         Banner module
·         Breadcrumbs module
·         Feed Display module
·         Footer module
·         Latest News module
·         Login module
·         The Menu modules
·         Most Read Content module
·         Newsflash
·         Poll
·         Random Image
·         Related Articles
·         Search
·         Statistics
·         Who’s Online
Working with the Administrator Modules
·         Admin Menu module
·         Admin submenu
·         Latest News module
·         Logged In Users module
·         Login Form module
·         Online Users module
·         Quick Icons module
·         Unread Messages module
·         Toolbar module
·         User Status module
Working with Plugins
·         Authentication plugins
·         Content plugins
·         Editor plugins
·         Search plugins
·         System plugins
·         User - Joomla! Plugin
Joomla! Templates
·         What is a Template?
·         How the Templates Work
·         Installing Templates
·         Introducing the Template Manager
o   Editing templates
o   Setting the default template
o   Assigning templates
o   Changing the logo

Resource Person:
Md. Shafiul Alam